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Tools:Mastodon, React, CSS

Queer Haus is a non-profit platform I co-founded with friends in 2020. It’s an alternative online community built by and for artists, queers, and hacktivists to challenge the dependency on big-tech monopolies. As such, Queer Haus offers a safer, non-exploitative online space and fosters genuine connection and conversation. Since Queer Haus is built on the open-source, decentralised platform Mastodon, as administrators, we defined our own community guidelines to align with queer-feminist, anti-racist hacker values. On Queer Haus, the nipple is free! As part of Queer Haus, I've taken part in talks, workshops, and community events to raise awareness about aspects of online life, with a special emphasis on privacy. These efforts aim to promote digital literacy and empower marginalised groups, who tend to be disproportionately affected by the profit-driven tech economy. To make our online space as welcoming as can be and aligned with our community ethos, I designed a special theme featuring pastel shades of lavender and aquamarine. As part of the tech team, I also collaborated to add special tweaks and features to the original software.

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