Web Developer (Software Engineer) and Artist based in Berlin

After studying Visual Arts in France I moved to Berlin and started focusing on Sound Design and Music Production. 4 years ago I specialised in Web and Application Development. Since then I have worked as a Web Developer, building products ranging from static websites to more complex web applications using TypeScript, React and other web technologies.

I currently explore these web technologies to build music applications based on generative processes. I’m excited about the level of self expression allowed by developing your own tools and applications, and am curious about the next stages of the digital transformation society is undergoing.

You need a website?

I make highly customised websites fitted to your needs and vision. Your site will be elegant, intuitive and easy to update. I make sure that search engine optimisation and site performance are optimal. You can use your own graphic designer if you like, or you can hire me to take care of the site's design.

Interested? Get in touch and we’ll start discussing your idea.


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